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Close Encounters of the Jackrabbit Kind

Authored by Sally Barron

The first annual Close Encounters of the Jackrabbit Kind blasted off in Roswell, New Mexico on February 28 and 29, 2004. This was the Borzoi event of the season.

Friday found the intrepid hunters rendezvousing at the National 9 Motel in beautiful downtown Roswell. Linda Turner, with Anna and Foxxi (Brighty was left home “in season”) arrived first from Los Angeles. Next Marcella Zobel and I, with Topaz, Chewy, Direk and Spot, drove in from Northern California.

Just at dark the native New Mexicans Carol Enz and Grandson Russell Ramsey arrived with Dakota, Falco and Sorcha. The last member of our crew, Susan Van Der Water, with Belle Star, CJ, DeeDee, and Talon, was driving up from Texas and planning to meet us at the draw in the morning.

6:30 a.m. Saturday morning found us at the 2nd Street Denny 's for breakfast and the draw. Susan joined us, as did our judge David Hise. The draw completed, breakfast eaten and we were off.

David Hise revved up his very cooool blue dog truck and led us to the field, the Brown Ranch, just a few miles outside of Roswell. The portion of the ranch we hunted is very open with assorted low cover, punctuated by thickets of catsclaw and clumps of cactus. This was particularly good for the young dogs that were running for the first time. Of the 13 dogs entered, 2 were Veterans and 5 were FTE (first time entered). Fortunately, for our peace of mind, Jacqueline Gregory of Sierra Borzoi Kennels, Somerset, CA. had loaned us her radio tracking collars (3 of them) and the receiver so we could track the dogs if necessary. The weather was Chamber of Commerce perfect. Clear, sunny, mid 60 's and a light breeze.


Performance Event Calendar

I've dropped the Performance Event Calendars from my site, as most of the clubs are now publishing their own calendars. See the LGRA, ASFA, AKC, and NOTRA sites to determine which upcoming events are near you.

Forever Borzoi

If you're looking for a book that will tell you everything about how your new Borzoi will act around the house and in town, Forever Borzoi is that book. From a pup's antics, to the athletics of youth, to the strength of an older Borzoi, this is the book that tells it straight from dozens of Borzoi owners. Many color pages of photos are included in this wonderful hardback book.

See Being Borzoi for ordering info.

Animal "Rights"

I encourage any pet owner to be extremely vigilant about the politics of animal rights. My philosophy is pretty simple:

  • If you want to help prevent cruelty, give your time or money to those that actually do that. Do your research on the organizations you support.
  • If you don't understand an animal-related activity, don't start a campaign against them based on your ignorance. Learn about them. Very few people own pets for the purpose of hurting them.
  • If you are a business, associating yourself with an activist group is guaranteed to alienate a significant segment of your customers and shareholders.