Authored by June Mintchell (Riju Dawg Skool), Posted March 30, 2007

AgilityWant to be a star? Just walking into the obedience ring with a creature as magnificent and glorious as a Borzoi demands attention and admiration. It can make you an instant celebrity! Showing a borzoi in obedience is sure to draw a crowd of admirers no matter how you do on a given day.

Training to an obedience title is an amazing and exciting journey. Until you have trained your dog to the level where he is able to compete for obedience titles you will never experience the thrill of just how close you can bond to a dog. Although obedience competition is not overall a fast paced sport, it can be a thing of beauty to watch. A dog and handler who heel well together appear to be dancing in sync with one another. Control is the name of the game, but expressions of joy, happiness, and satisfaction are ever present in a well-trained dog and handler. This is true teamwork.

Good obedience training involves building a strong bond of love and trust. It means instilling the ‘want to’ (the desire to work), along with the ‘have to’ (the responsibility and knowledge that the dog has to work because you say so). Although Borzoi are not typically seen a lot in the obedience ring, they are highly intelligent and quite trainable. Overall they respond well to a balanced approach. Common sense coupled with a gentle touch using a combination of both positive and negative reinforcement.

AgilityA neat thing about showing in obedience it that it is doable by all breeds and all kinds and ages of people. Also, everyone who competes on a given day can go home a winner. You don’t have to beat anyone else to get your CD, CDX, UD, or UDX titles. On the other hand, if you want to be extremely competitive, you can reach for the stars. Obedience truly has something for everyone.

For more information about obedience titles, rules, and regulations check out www.akc.org and www.ukcdogs.com

You're welcome to email me with any questions about your Borzoi in obedience.

Happy Heeling!